I’m here!

I’ve arrived! Bangalore, India I’m ready for you!

The trip over went very well. We took a shuttle to Dulles and for the first time in recordable history there was no traffic whatsoever on the Beltway. We had lots of time which was good because we got to know some of the people in the group a bit better. The flight to London had a 100 open seats so we all got at least 2 seats to ourselves. Undoubtably my favorite way to travel! The flight from London to Bangalore was packed and of course… I got the middle seat. When we arrived Bangalore was covered in a dense fog and we couldn’t see anything for most of our drive into the hotel. All of the sudden the fog disappeared and there was a city bus next to our tour bus. I had my first Indian staring contest! It was super awkward. This man just kept staring at me as we were stuck in traffic. I couldn’t handle the stare-off so I just smiled and waved. He then waved back for a solid 2 minutes. We also waved goodbye about 5 times because one bus would inch away and then we were next to each other staring away again.

Our hotel is really nice. My roommate is great and letting me use her laptop because we decided to share the cost of internet… thanks Caroline! Its about 8:40am here and about 10:24pm at home but my body has absolutely no idea what time it is. We had a huge Indian buffet breakfast. There was a mix of Western food but most of it was Indian. We took turns being the first to sample and tell the group. We liked most everything but Mark ended up tasting the liquid sauce that was some sort of vinegar so we wouldn’t be trying that one again. I will take some pictures of the food soon.

This afternoon we are going on our tour of Bangalore. I’m not so sure how I will do. Right now I feel fine but I think I’ve only slept about 5 hours in the last 2 days. I’m not sure… its really confusing. Most of us feel fine but then we try to do simple things and realize how over tired we probably are!

All is well! I will have lots of pictures and stories to share soon. So far, so good!



4 thoughts on “I’m here!

  1. Hi Sarah, I love being able to follow this adventure of yours. When I read books by Indian authors it always strikes me how they describe scenes so that all your senses are involved. You see, hear,smell,taste and fill the throbbing of the streets. You are probably so tired you just want peace and quiet and a clean bed. Enjoy and embra e everything!
    Love from your slightly jealous but very proud Aunt Liz!

  2. I am not one bit surprised that your first Indian interaction was a staring contest that led to overly polite and enthusiastic waving. Sarah O’Donnell, charming people the globe over. Thanks for the update! Looking forward to pictures and video :)

  3. I can get a picture in my mind from the bus staring contest. It was like that in China when I visited. Glad it is off to a good….albeit tired start to this wild adventure. Have fun enjoying the people, sights, smells and the experience. Aunt Katie

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