Home Sweet Bonaventure

I cannot wait to see the rolling hills of western NY, eat some Mangia’s pizza, sleep in a twin bed and dance in the tiny college town bars of Allegany. Looking back I could not be happier with my decision to study at St. Bonaventure University. It’s a tiny school in the middle of a tiny town and filled with some of the loudest, weirdest, silliest, drunkest and most loving people you will ever meet. The friends I made at Bonas will be lifelong friends. Try as they might they aren’t getting rid of me!

This weekend is the Class of 2007’s 5th year reunion. What is that? I didn’t graduate until 2008. Good point. In my junior year after returning from my semester abroad in Costa Rica I moved into an apartment with two girls who were a year older than me. Krista and Kristen were friends of mine but not close friends. Living together that final semester of their senior year and my junior year we became utterly attached at the hip and the hosts of  many an afterhours celebration. It was around that time that Annie and I officially became obsessed with each other. Mary, a sophomore, and I locked in an already existing friendship and new found appreciation for Mojitos. Becky and Emily had graduated but still came back for visits and starred in about 90% of the ridiculous stories told in our apartment. That was also the time when I became great friends with the boys across the hall including Mr. Justin Wild with his lyrical prose and Sabres fanaticism. Logan was in the building just next door, always ready to set sail with his Captain Morgans. Kat had graduated and wasn’t around too much that year but all of her visits were legendary and she became the lead character in many of my stories in the years to come.

Hopefully we all loved college. Found a place we felt comfortable, made some bad decisions, meet some wonderful people, were lucky enough to have a one or two key mentors and figured out what came next. This weekend will be the first time in over 2 years that I will see the beautiful Bonaventure campus. We will attempt to recreate some of the awesome moments and make plenty of creepy, perfect new memories.

I usually say that if I had a choice I would go somewhere new. I like new things, new people, new adventures and new places. Not this weekend. This weekend is all about the old. I can’t wait to be in a place filled with old buildings, old memories and old friends.




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