Angels, Beehives and a Meatball or two

Oh Baltimore, I’m into you. Pick a weekend, any weekend in the summer and you’ll find several festivals in Baltimore. Last weekend was the HonFest, a true Bmore classic. Hampden in the neighborhood I first lived in when I moved to Baltimore. It’s known for being friendly and over-the-top tacky. For instance, there is a two story tall pink, glitter flamingo on one of the buildings. That pretty much sets the feeling for “The Ave” or main shopping area. Hampden is a neighborhood that is proud of it’s working class roots and friendly greetings. Give it about 10 minutes and someone will have called you “hon,” hence the name of their festival. People get seriously blinged out in their hon wear. Beehives, leopard print pants and feather boas are the height of hon fashion. I didn’t sport a beehive this year but obvi, I wouldn’t be opposed to it in the future. Another funny thing about Hampden… it is total hipster central. I described it to a friend as the Brooklyn of Baltimore. She agreed and then pointed out that I had never actually been to Brooklyn. Touche, Megan. Touche.

From Hampden hons onto the Italian festival. Speaking of Megan (not the sister one, the friend one) I forced her to move to Baltimore so I would have someone to go all these festivals with. So far it’s really working out nicely. We walked around the very cute Italian festival, got some awful pizza, drank some cheap beer and bought tapestries from a creepy guy who has been to India. It was fun, it was hot. There was bocce to watch so that was a plus.

Fast forward to this past weekend and we have arrived at Sailabration. I didn’t actually go. Even this girl can get festivaled out. The weekends fly by. When else am I suppose to sip margs and get my first wicked sunburn of the summer? I did get to see part of the Blue Angels show though which was nice. It is amazing how FAST they go. I tried to take a video but did I mention they’re fast? I didn’t get much but here was my attempt at taking video: Maybe not the best videography ever but it was taken via my sunroof so you should prob be impressed.

Next weekend is camping and there are guaranteed to be some good stories out of that.


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