About 2 months ago Rine, Issa, Tney and I decided we should go camping and last weekend the time had finally come! Then we realized we might need a few little things… like tents. Oh tents. Megan moved to Baltimore and joined in on the good times. We got a campsite at Seashore State Park in Delaware. Delaware is baby tiny and so are its campsites. Adirondacks you’ve ruined me with your trees, space and fire pits! We arrived in the dark and frantically tried to set up our tents before the thunder made friends with the rain. Our neighbors approximately 6 1/2 feet to our right pulled back their tent windows and watched us struggle. Awesome. Love you too. Bet you can’t wait to shush in another hour or so. I imagine the 5 of us and eventually our really nice neighbors 6 ½ feet to our left looked insane trying to put up the three tents we brought. Rine knew how to set up her tent so that was no issue. As for the tent my sister gave me and the one my roommate loaned me not so much. I was feeling all women-empowered because this girl can camp but apparently not see in the dark. Weird. Also MOD gave me the hardest tent to set up (ever, in of all time.) I love you Megan but it’s true.

Now we have torrential down powers with CRAZY lightening. What to do? How about 5 girls in various stages of damp to soaked jammed in a small car waiting out the lightening. It was fine… we had brought lots of beer. We sat in the car for about 45 minutes until we all agreed that all that rain really just made us have to pee. Time to explore RV wonderland oh, I mean state park and look for a bathroom. We seriously considered putting our camp chairs up in the sweet bathroom and waiting out the storm but decided against it. I was the most soaked so I offered to check on our tents. Bad choice. Megan’s tent was a legit swimming pool with at least 5 inches of water in it. Insult to injury? My bag containing all my clothes for the weekend was right in the middle! Mmhmm, great. Roommate’s tent only had about 2-3 inches in the front half so that was a marked improvement. Rine’s tent was dry-dry-dry! Holler. Time to stuff 5 soggy girls into one tent. We play some cards and drank more beer. Beer, nice work coming through in a pinch. The whole time we got shushed by the mean neighbors. Who, by the way, apparently had super hero quality hearing because the rain that was all I could hear. In the end Megan, Rine and I snuggled up in tent while Tney and Issa were champs sleeping in the back of the hatchbacks.

Next day was an early morning because waking up hot, steamy and still wet just isn’t that pleasant. The tents were dumped out and with the sun was blazing they were dry within the hour. We used every available space to put out our clothes and headed to the beach. Delaware, what you lack in space you make up for with OCEAN! We played in the water, secret drank beers and I forced everyone to reapply their sun block. Aside from all falling asleep at the same time it was a very successful day two.

Back to our campsite where Issa made an amazing dinner and we roasted marshmallows over our camp stove. We were all super beat after only getting a few hours of sleep the night. All three tents gave us lots of room to pass out. Slept like babies but still woke up early the next day and were on the road by 11:00am.

Camping was fun. Never know what to expect but we rolled with the punches. We are hoping to camp again this summer but we’re going to bring a little less stuff and try to avoid a major summer storm.


Two full cars which will eventually serve as Issa and Tney’s bedrooms for night 1!


Day 2 – the drying out phase. The tent on the left is a different campsite. So, as you can see, lots of space.


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