Island pours.. the best way to start your day.

I continue to be terrible at actually updating this blog. My summer class required me to post once a week, which worked great. Clearly this girl is in need of some structure!

Summer 2012 has been fantastic and has gone by way, wayyyyy too fast. Good times were had, friends were made and it all officially kicked off in St. John. This year I went back to St. John in the US Virgin Island with my parents. The 2011 crew was missed but this year we added one of my best friends from college, Annie, to the mix and once again had a fantastic time. We stayed just minutes by car (or one extremely steep, drunk & sweaty, never to be repeated again walk up three hills) from Cruz Bay. The place where we stayed is called Peace O’Heaven which we recommend if you’re looking for a spot in St. John.

Due to some travel issues Annie and I arrived a day before my parents. This meant we had to pick-up our rental car, drive through St. Thomas, take the ferry to St. John and meet up with house manager by ourselves. Somewhat easier said then done. Starving but with no time to stop for food, we inhaled a variety snack pack of cheese and crackers while I attempted to drive as fast as possible to catch the last ferry of the day to St. John. Annie did an excellent job of navigating. The rental car woman had attempted to give us directions and after explaining for 10 minutes actually stopped herself and said “Where the Mother-F am I sending you?” In the end we made it just in time and Annie only had to shout “SARAH! That side of the road! That side!” a few times.

That night we decided to hit the town. I was beat and hungry and didn’t feel the need to drive again if it could be avoided so we walked into town. We ate and drank several heavy island pour delights. Rum is cheaper then mixers in the Islands so drinks are made extra strong and known as “Island pours.” We decided we’d walk home rather then pay for a taxi. We made it up the first hill. Ok, we were hot but we could handle it. Half way through the second, now crazy steep hill we were full on regretting our decision and vowing never to do it again. Even drunk we knew that if we sat down the chances of us making it home were not good, so we trucked on. When we finally got to the house we had no choice but to but to immediately jump into the pool. The view was beautiful, the stars were out, and we had a full 5 1/2 hours to sober up and head back to St. Thomas to pick up my parents.

ImageAnnie and I on our first night out

ImageOur house is the 2 story, blue roof in the middle of the picture to the left of the clustered together pale pink roofs half way up the hill. AKA a really far walk but super quick drive.

The next day we scooped up the padres, provisioned (our house manager spoke in Navy lingo whenever possible), had some cocktails and headed back for St. John. Annie and I were fine with staying in that night since we were waking up at 4am the next day for Jovert (the start of Carnival). Jim Sleep-When-You’re-Dead O’Donnell had other ideas, however. We went into town, had some more drinks (the essential element to any and all St. John activities) and listened to some some crazy reggae bands for a few hours.


A Bushwacker at the Love Shack


Menu and a fan? Yes, please.

Day three – Annie and I are woken up at about 4:15am by my dad. We had overslept! Jovert was already going strong and we were sleeping through it! We quickly got dressed and headed downtown with my dad. There was a steel drum band parade and many, many drinks to be enjoyed. Desperate for a bathroom (another classic theme to all island adventures) we ducked into a bar and decided 6am seemed like the perfect time for some redbull and vodka shots. We continued to dance, drink and wander until about 8am when we headed home. Annie and I were almost asleep next to the pool when my dad brought out his classic (sooooooo good) breakfast sandwiches. For anyone who hasn’t had one.. you’re missing out. For anyone who has… can you image a better pool side drunk food? I think not.

ImageIt’s almost 4:30 am… we’re late!

ImageThe steel drum bands just wind through the city and you pick which one to follow. There are also flat bed trucks with HUGE speakers and rappers that ride through town with people following behind.

ImageThe Quiet Man Pub… our final Jovert stop.


If it wasn’t for my dad we would have slept all the way through Jovert!

Our first few days in St. John were eventful!


2 thoughts on “Island pours.. the best way to start your day.

  1. love your blogs, lil’ sis! you look great and i’m so glad you’re out there in the world living it up! i miss you xoxo

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