Scotia came to Baltimore, hilarity ensued.

Perk of leaving for a year of travels? Some of your favorite people come to visit you before you head out! This past weekend my sister, Rachel and Sarah Mae – three of my favorite Scotia girls came to visit. I loved getting to show them my city and of course crazy antics were the name of the game all weekend long.

Friday night Sarah Mae & Rachel drove down from Scotia. Purtell came over and we all started the snacking, drinking, laughing and shouting on my roof deck nice and early. Meggie arrived the good times continued. Purtell had to call it an early night because she work in the morning and was then heading Texas for some of her own sister-sister time. By midnight the rest of us were desperate for some takeout but no luck. We wandered over to O’Donnell square, had a photo shoot with an Elvis head and finally found some pizza. By the next morning my entire recycling bin was full of empty bottles and we were all feeling a bit rough.

It was a slow start but we finally got it together to make it up to Hampden for our fancy restaurant week lunch. Hampden is a fun neighborhood of Baltimore filled with vintage shops, bars and lots of hipsters. AKA the perfect opportunity for playing dress up. Rachel found the PERFECT leather vest but it was missing a price tag and could not be sold. We wandered into some other shops, got some coffee and (of course) some cookies as the theme of the day was “eat many desserts and drink lots of champagne.” The vintage gods were shining down because Meg and Rach gave it one final try and were able to sweet talk the shop clerk into selling them the vest without it be priced yet. At $20 it was a redic bargain and priced below most of the clothing in the store. We had another photo shoot with a now full-bodied Elvis and headed back to my place.

The day was moving too fast and it was already time to get ourselves pirated up and ready for our booze cruise. Megan came prepared with homemade eye patches and my personal favorite – a small bird for each of us to help us make the transition from landlubbers into pirates. Add some stripped shirts, excessive amounts of black eyeliner, a fully stocked cooler backpack and to-go cups of flimsy mimsy (Champ, Vodka and Cranberry juice – delish and deadly) and we were ready to set sail.

Upon arrival we realize we are the only ones dressed up for our pirate voyage. No problem, being overly enthusiastic is not something we’re new to. The retirement party/35th anniversary folks thought we were awesome. The 20-something crowd was a bit unsure. We spent the next hour screaming, dancing, drinking and taking approximately 7000 photos abroad our ship. The boat crew provided us with fake tattoos – 1 per person was allowed so we each took 2 or 3. Natch. We made some new friends, did a little limboing and got ourselves good-and-sauced.

So, you are in the downtown Baltimore, you had a stuff bird safety pinned to your shoulder and a fake neck tattoo. What to do? What to do? The only logical answer… find a bar with a dance floor! We continued to make new friends and we danced our little hearts out. One very drunken man kept ripping my bird (who I named Geronimo!) off my shoulder. I was having none of that. I gave him the old yell-point-evil eye combination and really handled my business like a pirate.

Suddenly it was time to go. Not everyone in our party was able to remain standing upright so home was really calling our name. Apparently while exiting a wallet was dropped. We got in an uber car and were followed for about a block by a cab with the driver and passenger screaming at us. We didn’t get it. Finally we realized they were waving a wallet at us as we screamed for them to “GO AWAY! LEAVE US ALONE!” Super classy. The cab had finally had enough of trying to help us and it pulled away. That was the exact moment that we realized they were not being jerks but instead trying to return one of our wallets. Whoops. Our car’s driver pulled over, I stumbled out and then I chased the cab on foot for about a block and a half frantically waving my arms and scream “STOP! PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEE STOP!” Mmmhmm, it worked. They stopped. I retrieved the wallet and all was well with the world. Baltimore, don’t believe what they say about you – you’re not so bad. Also, if anyone has access to traffic surveillance footage I’m sure you’re in for a real treat watching me chase down a cab with a very pissed off driver.

We got back to my place. Did some regrouping and Sarah, Rach and I went out for a little more dancing in O’Donnell square. Didn’t turn out quite as well as we thought but we did end up bringing home an entire pizza. It wasn’t eaten but someone took it upon themselves to cover the entire thing in garlic salt. Made for a tasty yet smelly next day breakfast.

Sunday goodbyes are never fun. For those sleeping on an air mattress that lost all its in the middle of the night and now have a wicked hangover Sunday goodbyes even less fun. Sari and Rach were total champs and headed to a concert at Ommegang brewery for the night. Meg and I got some brunch, watched a great chic flick (About Time) and then a rather rough looking Meg headed home to Philly. I continued to lay on the couch and watched several episodes of Naked & Afraid with my roommate (watch out, that show will really suck you in.) I was dead asleep by 8pm.

Another wonderful weekend with a few of my favorites. I love those girls. I love how crazy, silly, fun and loud we get when we’re together. All three are extra special to me, I know I wouldn’t be who I am today if I hadn’t grown up with them in my life. I also love that I get to see them in just 2 weeks when I have a sendoff party at home. See you girlies soon!! xxoo


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