Baltimore Byeing… not as easy as it looks.

Baltimore was good to me and I’m really going to miss it. I made some really great friends in the 3.5 years that I lived there. I can’t believe it was 3.5 years. That seems nuts. In that time I lived in 3 places. First for a few months with college friends. Second with 3 nice but messy boys (Mike excluded – still nice but as not messy.) Finally for the last 2 plus years with 3 girls. Roommate life after college can be tough but it all worked out.

I loved the row house style of the city.That said, I will not miss the police helicopter lights shining in my window while trying to sleep. I really will not miss the joys of circling and circling and circling until you finally give up and park what seems like forever away from your house. Taking the good with the bad, weigh it out and all together it’s just a great city. There is such a mix of people and things to do. A beautiful park nearby, walking along Canton promenade to look at the boats, tons of good restaurants, lots of live music, a bar on at least every other corner and the seemingly endless excitement over anything Ravens or O’s.

Baltimore is definitely a city I can see myself moving back to. Any city can be good or bad but it’s the people who really make it. I worked in a great office. We had our good days and bad days as any workplace does but for the most part I really enjoyed it. I had fun and funny co-workers. I liked my students (well.. most of them.) It was hard to say goodbye. I was treated to what may be the most fantastic going away party TU has ever seen. The folks at the international office know what it is to head off to far away places and miss the taste of home. With that in mind they threw me the best possible theme party…  AMERICA! What’s more American than pigs-in-a-blanket, chips & dip, pizza bagels, root beer floats, baked good, all the Diet Coke you can drink? That’s right, it was quite the send off. The decorations, the country music, the draw on Sarah’s face game.. beginning to end it was a blast. I hope you are all reading this and know how much I appreciate your sweet efforts! I will be thinking of you all from the road! <3

Starting and finishing my MBA in 3 years was something I was bound and determined to do. 3 Falls, 1 Winter, 3 Springs and 2 Summers worth of whining but… I finished it! University of Baltimore is an urban campus and something like 90% of the people in the program were working full-time. It was tough to make new friends because we would all go to work, come to campus, go to class and leave. Nothing like my undergrad at Bonaventure! Lucky me, I did meet a few really nice people in the program. In my first class I introduced myself to the girl sitting next to me. I told her I was new to town and I really needed to make some friends. So we should be friends? Blunt but it worked. Christy and I became friends and after that we took almost every class together.  I’m sure I could have made it through the program by myself but I am so beyond grateful that I didn’t have to! Christy and I got each other through the crazy schedule and came out of it great friends! Beyond just school Christy and her fiance Ryan adopted me into their awesome groups of friends. The “Penn State” group like a stiff drink (well, several) and a good laugh. I wish I could have spent more time getting with them all! Christy and Ryan will be getting married this fall and missing their wedding is one of the few things I am terribly sad about missing while I’m away. I have no doubt that will be a fantastic party and everyone will be looking damn good! Love you guys!

Sharing a house with a dude and having a pretty co-worker as one of my bmore besties worked out quite nicely. Mike and Courtney met in passing a few times at the house that Mike and I share but really hit it off at my birthday party. After a day of merriment, one broken wine bottle, several jazzy headbands, a small porta potty incident, one jiminy cricket ankle sprain and a bit of bullying by Annie.. numbers were exchanged and dates were went on. Fast forward 2ish years and apple picking turned into a proposal. A few weeks ago I danced the night away at one of the prettiest weddings I have had the pleasure to attend. Courtney and Mike are an awesome couple and I will miss them. I am 100% confident that we will have adventures in the future, hopefully to include lots of cider & accents. I am going to miss them both a ton and especially will miss going into Courtney’s office about 50 times a day to ask a question, tell a story, play with our office gnome, eat a ginger chew, vent some frustration, have a giggle, make a list, get advice or just take a breather. Courtney, I love ya and hope we’ll get to share an office wall again someday in the future!

Another of the best things about Baltimore is its location. It’s close to DC, close to Philly and close enough to home. I made a few trips and had a few DC visitors up to Bmore. In my first few months I got to have some fun with Krista before she headed home to NY. I was lucky to spend some quality time with Kaylin and John over the years. Whenever I visited I was guaranteed to laugh, eat well, drink a ton and not want to leave when the weekend was up. We were all far to busy to see each other nearly enough for our liking but I loved the time we spent together! They got together on St. Patrick’s Day and I think we’ve spent every one since together? Lots of St. Patrick’s Day love connections in and around Bmore. They are getting ready for their family only beach wedding this fall and I can’t wait to see all the pictures! I love you two and will miss you tons!!


Philly was close enough that I got to see lots of my sister and Pete. For a while we tried to do a monthly sister dinner. I think it happened 3 times. Busy sisters! We did make lots of visits to each other and always, always had a good time. I loved being so close to my sister and I hope that will continue to be the case in the future!

The final key to loving the city you live in? Forcing your oldest and bestest friend to move to the same city! For the last year and half (longer?) I have been having a blast sharing the city with Purtell. Deciding not to be roommates undoubtedly saved our friendship and possibly our lives. Born 2 days apart, friends since babyhood she is super special to me and it was awesome to have her so close by. Countless nights of doing nothing, lots of shared meals, even more shared drinks, a few rides to the doctor’s office, one semi-underwater camping trip, so many inside jokes and a couple of adventures made the time fly. I’m not sure where she’ll end up next but whether it is Bmore or another city.. girl always lands on her feet. I love ya, I’ll miss ya and can’t wait for you to visit me and my boy Macaulay in Belize!

So, like I said, Baltimore was real good to me and it was hard to say goodbye. I look forward to saying hello again to all the great people and the city itself in the future!


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