Parting Is Such Sweet Sorrow

My time at home flew. FLEW! It started with an amazing party with friends from Scotia, NYC and college friends. I felt so loved and had such a blast getting to see everyone. I only wish I had more time to spend with you all! The drinks were flowing, the weber grill turned fire pit was blazing, the F YO CUP version of flip cup/quarters/Rochestergoodness was hysterical and the fact that we didn’t light the backyard on fire with the 100ish sparklers was impressive. I have great friends. It’s true, they’re just the best. I love them so much and am beyond happy that so many were able to make it to the party! For those of you that couldn’t.. I will throw another big bash when I get home and next time I will try really hard to remember to take pictures! 

The highlight of the night was walking out to the backyard and seeing my sister’s “secret project” staring back at me. Megan took about 30 pictures of me, cropped them, made my face life size, printed, laminated and glued them to a pencil with Pete’s help. I opened the door and everyone was covering their face with my face. Everyone got their own personal Sarah! There were pretty Sarahs, funny Sarahs, one rather sweaty Sarah and many drunken Sarahs. Everyone is suppose to take their Sarah out on adventures with them and then Megan is going to start a facebook page of the photos. I can’t wait to see what I get up to! 

The following weekend we had a McDermott family party. Again, it was wonderful to see everyone – I felt very loved and supported with the South American theme! It was great to spend a little time with aunts, uncles and cousins. My cousin’s children are all so adorable and I loved getting to hang out with 5 of the boys. A little flashlight tag, lots of high fiving and s’more assembly. Super cute, super fun. It was wonderful to see you all and again, I only wish I got a bit more time with you all! 

The week days seemed to be filled up with sleeping in, the occasional dog walk, eating a lot of ice cream and just enjoying being home. I had quite a to-do list and I did get through it (mostly) but procrastinated more then I should have! Gotta be true to yourself – I always get it done, I just wait till the last possible minute! I loved being able to spend some time with my parents without a holiday or big vacation involved. The only downside to spending time such good time with my family and friends before departure was realizing how much I will miss everyone! 

I got one last true upstate NY weekend in. Megan and Pete came into town as did the Scotia girls. We went to the Saratoga Racetrack on Saturday. Meggie made us giant hats by taking goodwill hats & dollar store flowers. We were a hit, everyone loved them. There were ladies that probably spent lots of money on their hats but our $4 in total hats totally stole the show! My bets paid off – I spent out $12 and made about $24. I’ll take it! The weather was perfect and it was nice to spend some time with the girls and their men. 

Finally when I couldn’t possibly put it off any longer the packing started. Ugh. I hate packing. Tney, I attempted to channel you but still just felt stressed and annoyed by the process! Megan helped with the all the rolling. Packing cubes were essential in staying sane. In the end I got it all in. I wanted to do a big detailed blog post but I ran out of time and the idea of unpacking to take pictures and what not was just to horrible to consider. I think I brought the following:

  • Clothing (including what I am wearing)
    4 short sleeves
    2 tank tops
    2 long sleeves
    1 fleece jacket
    1 raincoat 
    1 yoga pant
    1 pair of jeans
    1 leggings
    2 stretch capris
    1 black dressy capri
    1 bathing suit
    1 dress
    7 pairs of underwear
    2 regular bras
    1 sport bra
  • Shoes
    1 sneaker/hiking shoe
    1 super light weight sneaker
    1 Toms
    1 Sandal
  • Toiletries
    Shampoo bar
    Travel size conditioner
    Small bottle of body wash
    Small loofa
    2 Razors
    Foot scrubber
    Quick dry towel
    Lady stuff
    Tooth paste
    Some other crap I can’t remember but felt completely necessary at the time
  • Electronics
    Samsung galaxy S4 – phone plan canceled, wifi only
    iPod Touch
    Kindle Paperwhite
    Portal battery charger
    Water purifier
    Chargers (seems like a million but probs less)
  • Other crap
    Reusable plastic Knife, spoon & fork
    Safety pins
    Reusable sandwich style bags
    Resusable shopping bag
    1 Moleskin notebook
    1 small notebook
    Many, many fun pens
    Money belt
    Disposable camera 
    SNACKS – most important, candy corn “so I can share and make friends” – thanks, dad. 
    Small sewing kit
    2 collopsable water bottles
    1 regular nalgene water bottle
    Raincoat for my backpack
    Wire cage thingy for my backpack
    Yankees hat

I have undoubtedly forgot many things but you get the idea – a lot of stuff. I have a hiking backpack with a detachable day pack and a small one should sling back. That’s all my stuff. It feels like way to much! I am kinda of looking forward to realizing I can leave bits of it behind. I have also undoubtedly left things at my parents house which will be sent in future care packages and/or forced on my future visitors! 


I am now sitting in the Charlotte airport waiting on my flight out. I’m not nervous.. or at least not yet! I am so excited to start this adventure and so grateful for everyone who has encouraged me to make it happen. I have gotten so much support and in particular and feeling lots of love for my mom and dad. I so enjoyed you both these last few weeks and I will miss you like crazy while I am gone! Thank everyone for the phone calls, visits to the house, cards, email and happy thoughts. 




One thought on “Parting Is Such Sweet Sorrow

  1. I am very impressed with your packing! I cannot wait to see you start mixing and matching outfits and wearing the inevitable amazing jewelry you will buy on your travels. I am looking forward to tales of candy corn friends, life with Bertie the Backpack (that’s his name, right?) and soooooo many pictures. Thank the heavens for What’s App? because much though I cherish and look forward to postcards, I am very pumped to leave you voice messages!!!!!

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