Boca, boca, bocaaaaaaaaaaa

I’m not sure of the order but the three things Argentina is famous for – tango, beef and soccer. I had eaten great steak and I had seen various tango performances now was time for some soccer! The most widely loved Buenos Aires team is La Boca Juniors. The fans are insane. Only Boca Club members can buy tickets to games. There are thousands of people on the waitlist to become club members. The only way for non-members to buy tickets is to buy them through an agency which makes tickets pricey.

I went with Jasmine, a friend from my hostel. The stadium is HUGE and it was nearly packed. There were two very rowdy sections on each side of the field. In those sections members can get in for free but it is standing room only. So let’s say as a member you have tickets to 10 games you can go to additional games for free but you have to stand. I was wishing we were down there – singing, jumping, yelling – it seemed fun! Our tour guide and the 4 Chilean guys that were part of my agency group were adamant that I did not wish to be down there. It would be totally unsafe as a woman and particularly as a gringa. Eh… ok fine, stay in the safe zone. Boca fans get so intense that away fans are not allowed at games. If you have on anything from the opposing team you will be thrown out. Last year during a fight an away fan was actually killed hence the new rule – no outside fans allowed.

BA crowd BA football

In the end Boca won. It was amazing to watch so many people all celebrate at once! Our guide told us that leaving the stadium would have been a much different experience had Boca lost. Good on you, Boca. Good. On. You.

My time in Buenos Aires was coming to an end. I spent my final day wandering around my neighborhood and taking some final photos. One of the great things about Argentina and later I would realize Chile too is that almost everywhere has free wifi! I ended my time in BA chatting away on whatsapp with Mary and Annie over some delicious cafe coffee.

Next stop – Mendoza, wine country!


4 thoughts on “Boca, boca, bocaaaaaaaaaaa

  1. Sarah, I am loving your blog. I have enjoyed all the entries. I chuckled at the reference to Jurassic Park, the history of the countries, your adventures looking for an ATM, the pictures of all the places and people you are experiencing. Although I may not comment on each entry, I read them as soon as you post them. Thank you for taking the time to share this with all of us. What memories you are making! A question for you – are you going to be teaching in Columbia come January?

    Continue having fun and being safe!!!! Love you

    • Thank you, Katie! It has been fun to write and I love when you leave comments! It really has been quite the adventure. :)

      The plan is still to be teaching English in Colombia come January but because it is a government program the details are very slow in coming together! I actually have a interview this coming week so hopefully I will have more news soon!

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