Cuenca v. Quito – it’s a clear winner.

When I wasn’t being visited by college besties or off being a biker babe in Banos I had a chance to explore a few other places in Ecuador. Cuenca is for sure the prettiest city in Ecuador. To be honest I didn’t do a whole ton while I was there. My hostel had an amazing wifi connection so I watched lots of Netflix. Even in a beautiful place sometimes you need to just chill out and binge watch Orange Is the New Black. One day when I finally turned off Netflix I happened upon what may be the weirdest religious parade ever.

While I was there I also did a week of Spanish classes at CEDEI. I went to that language school because I met the Director at a work conference and because Katie, a friend from Baltimore had studied and worked there in the past. These were definitely the best Spanish classes I have taken. The professor was so good. He explained several questions about Spanish that had always confused me. If you are looking for a great Spanish school I would highly recommend it. While I was at the school I was also able to tag alone of an excursion to the Ingapirca Ruins. It was initally a site of a pre-Inca tribe that worshipped the moon. At first the Incas came in and they lived side by side but eventually the Inca just took over with their superior knowledge of argiculture, construction, mathematics and understanding of the sun which allowed them to seem god-like.

Other then Spanish lessons and netflix I developed an obsession with chocolate coconut ice cream and even though it was pretty chill I ate it every single day! I walked around and was amazed at how pretty the city was. I took lots of pictures.

After Cuenca I went to Quito. I got to meet up with both Ellen and Josta again but seperately this time because we had split up at that point. Great to see the girls again! I bought and lost 3 scarves… in like week. Leaving things behind is kinda my super power but I have been pretty good on this trip all things considered. Got a chest infection and waited for Mary to arrive! I didn’t love Quito. It was cold and a little unfriendly. I found it a bit intimiating, it reminded me of a much more developed La Paz. I think I’m just a number 2 city kinda girl. I like Boston over NY. Medellin over Bogota. Cuenca over Quito. Baltimore and Buffalo are perfect examples of two more smaller cities that I love. So, no doubt, hands down… I’m a team Cuenca.


One thought on “Cuenca v. Quito – it’s a clear winner.

  1. Sarah I sent you a comment at the end of your blog but not sure if you got it I was happy to see that you and Mary were visiting Ecuador together. I wanted to let you know that I will be in Ecuador later this fall not sure where you will be. Hope all is well and that you are living the dream!

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