Mayan hangout #518inGuate

A Colorado snow day seems like the perfect time to look back and remember our hottest Guatemala days. The final #518inGuate installment.


Yesterday was in the 70s.

We really lucked out and had very mild weather for most of trip but once we headed north into Tikal that jungle heat really kicked in. By the time we made it to Flores, the town outside of Tikal we were all pretty beat. We packed a lot into the first two parts of the trip! We stayed at a decent hostel and decided to upgrade to a private room with three beds. Heaven. We bounced on the beds, blasted the AC, took real showers, compared bruises anddddd hit the bar. Next day was Tikal.

Tikal is a giant Mayan site. During it’s most important times 200-900 over 500,000 people lived here. There are lots of temples, living structures and roads built that were built throughout the  site. Only about 30% of the site has been uncovered due to costs and how difficult it is to keep structures preserved in the intensely humid jungle conditions. The whole place has an incredible feel. You are in the middle of jungle, surrounded by Mayan history and listening to Howler Monkeys. It’s surreal. I had visited on my first visit to Guatemala and it was great to be back.

We were a little feeling a bit rough at this point but still excited to explore. Megan and Rachel climbed some pyramids and I got to hang out with my favorite Guatemalan animal – the coati.

We had an incredible and exhausting day. That night I put Megan and Rachel on a bus headed for Guatemala City. Or so I thought. Turns out we were given the bus tickets for the wrong direction and Meg and Rachel ended up getting kicked off the bus. Seems like a bit of trend? After being forced off the nice luxury bus they had to go on the crappy local bus. As if that wasn’t enough they were forced to pay for the tickets all over again. Only problem? They didn’t have enough cash or access to an ATM. A nice man, who has since been referred to as the Bus Angel, lent them the money. Once they got to Guatemala City it once again was a big to-do to find a working ATM. Thankfully Bus Angel man was patient. They got the cash they needed and made it to the airport. They even had enough time for Rachel sneak away and buy Megan the earrings she had been coveting earlier in the trip on the sly! Made for lovely birthday gift. What a doll.


My friends, my sisters, my adventures partners. Love you girls! xoxx

Guatemala continues to be one of my very favorite places. It’s beautiful, it’s cheap, it’s full of lovely people and I have visited what some of my very favorite ladies. Rachel and Megan came at the PERFECT time. I was so excited to see them. We laughed, danced, drank and explored more then seems possible in the 10 days we were in Guatemala. We done good girls!



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